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    Several colorful braided friendship bracelets on a white background
    Contents of a bracelet kit on a white background.
    Braided Bauble Bracelet Kit
    Fair Play Projects
    A garland of  three wooden birds with stitched details being held by a woman in a polka dot sweater.
    Wooden Bird Embroidery Kit
    Cotton Clara
    Sold Out
    Hand-Dyed Yarn Ball
    Kelson Goods
    The contents of a Dala House embroidery kit laying flat: Three flat wooden horse shapes, a light green box, and two piles of string.
    Wooden Dala Horse Embroidery Kit
    Cotton Clara
    Potholder Loom
    Harrisville Looms
    Peg Loom Weaving Kit
    Harrisville Looms
    Wooden roller skate shaped lacing toy with red and white laces on a cream background.
    Lacing Roller Skate
    5-in-1 pom Pom Maker
    from $12.50
    Crocheted animals sitting on two stools. The animals are: 2 foxes, one monkey, one bear and one bird.
    Crocheted fox toys against a white background.
    Extra Large Crocheted Animal
    Anne Claire Petit
    from $150.00
    Weaving Sheep
    Extra Yarn
    Balzer & Bray
    Crocheted pear and apple on a colorful background.
    Crocheted apple sitting on a stool in front of a white background.
    Large Stuffed Fruit
    Anne Claire Petit
    Wooden lacing toys peeking out of a green drawstring bag.
    colorful cardboard box on a white backgound.
    Lacing City