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    Hand-Dyed Yarn Ball
    Kelson Goods
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    Potholder Loom
    Harrisville Looms
    Peg Loom Weaving Kit
    Harrisville Looms
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    2-in-1 Pom Pom Trim Guide & Kumihimo Cord Maker
    5-in-1 pom Pom Maker
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    Weaving Sheep
    Wooden lacing toys peeking out of a green drawstring bag.
    colorful cardboard box on a white backgound.
    Lacing City
    The contents of a Dala House embroidery kit laying flat: Three flat wooden horse shapes, a light green box, and two piles of string.
    Wooden Dala Horse Embroidery Kit
    Cotton Clara
    A garland of  three wooden birds with stitched details being held by a woman in a polka dot sweater.
    Wooden Bird Embroidery Kit
    Cotton Clara