Stencil Kit
Stencil Kit
Stencil Kit
Stencil Kit
Stencil Kit
Stencil Kit

The stencil technique consists of stamping through templates, with this kit you will learn to create your own templates in suitable and waterproof materials that are easy to cut that you can use as many times as you want, we also teach you how to use the basic tools of this technique and to apply the paint properly.


Illustrated instructions + templates with more than 40 designs

Two Stencil Brushes - Stencil brushes are specifically for applying paint with stencils

sponge brush for painting

Thin polyester cutting template

Thick polyester cutting template

Thin Oiled Cardboard Cutting Template

Thick Oiled Cardboard Cutting Template

Template for cutting adhesive vinyl mask

Exacto knife and extra blade

100% organic cotton bag

textile-acrylic paint

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