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    Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Faces
    Little, Brown & Co.
    Fruit Face Washi Sticker Roll
    Face Notebook
    Smile Card
    Cut + Make
    A gif of a gray envelope with eye holes cut out. A white card with eye dots printed on it moves up and down, so it looks like the card is looking up and down.
    Eyes Note Card
    Cut + Make
    Several spinning tops shaped like people with hats on a white background.
    One spinning top being held by a large hand
    Hat People Spinning Tops
    Miller Goodman
    from $50.00
    Glue Stick Friends
    Red pixie purse on a pink background
    Green pixie purse on a blue background
    Pixie Purse
    Paper Mask Making Box
    Work x Create
    Shinzi Katoh Sticker Activity Book
    Work x Create
    Miller Goodman
    Miller Goodman
    A pile of gold glittery heart shaped stickers.
    Heart of Gold Sticker
    Beautiful Days
    Illustrated vinyl stickers on a light blue background.
    Far Out Friends Vinyl Stickers
    Beautiful Days
    Greeting card with an illustration of a smiling green heart  on a blue background.
    Greeting card with an illustration of a smiling orange heart  on a blue background.
    Happy Heart Card
    Beautiful Days
    Mini Facemaker
    Miller Goodman